Best wordpress caching plugin – LiteSpeed Cache

Best wordpress Caching Plugin
Best wordpress Caching Plugin

When it comes to choosing the best wordpress caching plugin, there are naturally many plugins out there that have been released. But we have several speed-up plugins that can really speed up your website professionally. The list of these plugins is as follows:

  • LiteSpeed Cache
  • WP Rocket
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP Fastest Cache

At team MihanWP, we have been working with these plugins for years and looking for the strengths and weaknesses of each. The overall result of testing these plugins until a few months ago was choosing the WP Rocket plugin.

But finally, we made the final decision and chose the LiteSpeed Cache plugin. This plugin is really amazing for speeding up your wordpress website! Why?

Why we chose LiteSpeed Cache

The reason for choosing this plugin was its very strong and professional programming. But along with this powerful programming, LiteSpeed Cache was written by the LiteSpeed team. The team that built the LiteSpeed webserver! This means that your plugin will be fully compatible with your website’s web server. Let’s see the speed benchmark of your website with LiteSpeed Cache and other plugins and web servers.

Compare different web servers and wordpress cache plugins
Compare different web servers and wordpress cache plugins

Other than that, the LiteSpeed Cache is really free. That is, it is completely free and open-source, registered by the LiteSpeed Cache team in the wordpress repository. So you do not need to pay to use the wonderful features of this plugin.

What if my web server was not LiteSpeed ?!

Very important and valid question! We said your webserver should be LiteSpeed to be well compatible with the Lite speed plugin. But what if your web server is not LiteSpeed ?!

We suggest that you ask your hosting company to install the LiteSpeed webserver. Because it has a much higher quality and speed than other web servers. In the wordpress Speed course, I explained professional work in detail.

Currently, most of the top Iranian hosting companies using LiteSpeed webserver. But to be sure, ask your server administrator (support) if your web server is LiteSpeed. Or go to Tools> Site Health and see what your web server is from the Server Information section. You should see LiteSpeed or OLS or OpenLiteSpeed.

View wordpress web server
View wordpress web server

If your web server is not LiteSpeed, ask the administrators to install LiteSpeed or we suggest you change your hosting company completely.

Why does Mihan wordpress use wordpress Rocket?

Let’s go back to what I explained during my internet business course. You are not going to do exactly everything that MihanWP, Alibaba, Amazon do. Working conditions are completely different. But let me explain more about that.

Mihan wordpress uses the NGINX web server. This web server is faster than LiteSpeed and is designed for sites with very high traffic. All the sites I listed above using this web server.

But Nginx Web Server has many problems. You cannot run thousands of wordpress websites on one server at a time. Because for each of these websites you need to make certain settings of nginx.conf which will be really awesome.

So if you have a website that is hosted on a dedicated server with 32 CPU cores like MihanWP, we definitely recommend using NGINX. But you have to deal with the high costs of managing and hosting a dedicated server. Currently, the cost of hiring a server administrator who is proficient in NginX is at least $100 per month, and the cost of maintaining a dedicated server in the Hetzner data center is approximately $50.

let’s move on! Whenever possible you should have all three of these components in place for launch to maximize profits.

Let’s go back to the best wordpress caching plugin

We left the discussion. LiteSpeed Cache plugin will really increase the speed of your website. Just download this plugin from here and install it on your website. Then, according to what I will explain to you in the new training course for increasing the speed of the website, (of course, this course will be published soon.) Increase the speed of your website.

Do not forget that now the speed of the website is one of the basic factors in SEO.

Good Luck. 🙂

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