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WordPress users always had a lot of problems with WordPress login and registration plugins. The default WordPress login form is more like a channel for WordPress advertising and WordPress repository plugins that do not have many features.

Login & Reigstration Form

MihanPanel will replace the login page of your Website and will give you the ability to edit the registration form and login page.

User Dashboard

The user panel is displayed after logging to user. You can add custom menus to the user panel.

Login & Registration Widget

Using the MihanPanel widget, you can display the user panel or the login and membership form dynamically in any part of your Website.

One Panel. With Several Themes

MihanPanel is completely changeable. You can add your favorite menus to your Website’s user panel using the shortcodes of various WordPress plugins. So any plugin that has shortcodes can be added to the MihanPanel menus.

Your plugin does not have a special shortcode ?! no problem. Just add the plugin page link to the user panel menu. 🙂

Login to a new world.

You can customize the login page of your website to your liking. The login form has two dark and light themes that you can change according to the style of your website.

In addition, you can upload the logo and background of the login page to your liking.

mihanpanel login
mihanpanel sms


Just connect MihanPanel to your favorite SMS portal. The user can authenticate on your website with a confirmation SMS and join or login to your website.

Of course, if you do not need SMS confirmation, you can enable email verification or auto-verification methods.

If you use an SMS service provider, you can use our documentation to connect the desired service to MihanPanel.

User Profile Custom Fields

All fields of the profile editing and registration form can be changed by you. You can display the file upload field, date, selection buttons, custom lists, and any other field you want in the user profile.

If you need to add the ability to upload files to verify the user on your website, this feature is what you need.

mihanpanel custom fields
mihanpanel content restrict

Content Restriction

You can use MihanPanel to restrict the content of your website for different user roles.

For example, specify that only members who have a VIP user role can access the post content.

Profile Picture? That's Changeable!

Your website’s users can upload their favorite avatar in the profile editing section. You don’t need to use GRAVATAR!

mihanpanel avatars

And Many Other Possibilities

WooCommerce Friendly

EDD Friendly

Google Friendly

Safe & Clean Coding

WordPress 5 Compatible

AffiliateWP Compatible

Notification Bars

Light. Speed.


Huge Range of Colors

Gamification Possibility

Arabic Fonts

WPML Support

Content Restriction

Show Discounts

Want to Test? Download the Free Version Now!

There is no doubt that MihanPanel Pro has many more features. Check the table of features below and decide which version is right for you…

MihanPanel Pro
MihanPanel Lite
Easy installation with one click
Compatible with security plugins
Change login background
Change login logo
User membership days
WooCommerce Orders
PageSpeed Optimization
Run shortcodes
WordPress 5 Compatible
Change login logo link
Direct Updates
Email Activation
Manual Activation
Custom links in user panel
Notification bars
Custom profile fields
Profile date fields
Profile upload fields
Profile select fields
Profile radio fields
Profile checkbox fields
Content restriction
Hide WooCommerce fields
Change signup message
Login redirection
Custom fonts
Select role by user
Custom colors & style
Custom user avatars
Hide panel widgets
WP-Admin restriction
Technical support
Number of panel menus
€49 EUR
نظرات مشتریان

Version 9.6

  • New feature: Ability to send test SMS in the settings section of the SMS service provider
  • Solve the problem of displaying the remaining credit in Sabanvin SMS system in some cases

Version 9.5

  • Ability to change the text of the discount code in the user panel
  • Improvements in the mobile number activation form in the user profile

Version 9.4.1

  • Solve the problem of displaying fontawesome icons in the user panel

Version 9.4

  • Added new language (Arabic, Chinese)
  • Solve the appearance problem of some user panel elements
  • Solve the problem of displaying the error of filling in the file upload field when it is to be displayed only in the user profile
  • Solve the problem of displaying Mihan Avatar in the comments section
  • Solve the problem of adding back-slash when using some shortcodes in the user panel menu items
  • Resolved a warning about the unavailability of the level value for ob_get_status function on some sites

Version 9.3

  • New feature: Smart login (user login and registration using mobile number and dynamic code)
  • Solve some technical problems

Version 9.2.1

  • Problem solving: sudden deactivation of the license by the plugin
  • Problem solving: displaying the avatar edit button despite the inactivity of the Mihan Avatar in the settings

Version 9.2

  • New feature: Disable the ability to edit user panel fields
  • Improvement: The layout structure of the page elements of user fields on the management side
  • Improvements: User panel dashboard style boxes
  • Improvement: Style the title of the profile editing page in the user panel
  • Troubleshooting: Prevent error display on profile edit page if field information added by admin is incomplete
  • Troubleshooting: Disable User Fields (Checkbox Type)
  • Troubleshooting: Style the number fields in the registration form
  • Troubleshooting: The distance between the icon and the name of the user panel menu items
  • Problem solving: Checkbox style in Mihan Panel user profile
  • Problem solving: Checkbox style in the registration form
  • Problem solving: Text box style in the registration form

Version 9.1

  • New feature: Ability to add custom shortcodes in the fields section of the user panel
  • Troubleshooting: Check license status
  • Troubleshoot: Send the value of each field to the sanitizer method in the profile update process

Version 9

  • New feature: change the display mode of the login form in the middle of the page, left or right (using Mihan Panel Live Editor)
  • New feature: Ability to change the background color and text color of the login button (using Mihan Panel Live Editor)
  • New feature: Ability to change the color of the label text in the login and registration form (using Mihan Panel Live Editor)
  • New feature: Ability to change the background color of login and registration form fields (using Mihan Panel Live Editor)
  • New feature: Ability to change the color of the text of the login and registration form fields (using Mihan Panel Live Editor)
  • New feature: Ability to change the style of radio buttons in the registration form (using Mihan Panel Live Editor)
  • New feature: Ability to change the color and background of display announcements in the login and registration form (using Mihan Panel Live Editor)
  • New feature: Ability to change the color and background of display notifications in the login and registration form (using Mihan Panel Live Editor)
  • Improvement: Improvement in changing the login form address
  • Solve the problem of selecting icons in the menus management section

Version 8.6

  • Login form style live editor

Version 8.5

  • The improved plugin options panel
  • Ability to register without a username (register with SMS)
  • Ability to register without email (register with SMS)
  • Ability to register without setting a password (registration by SMS)

Version 8.4.1

  • Solved: The license error more accurately
  • Solved: Loading Iran Yakan font in plugin settings
  • Solved: User panel height on mobile
  • Solved: Not loading the font of the login page if the user panel font is disabled

ٰVersion 8.4

  • New Gutenberg block
  • Add new dashboard widget
  • Show gregorian calendar when the locale is not Persian

Version 8.3.1

  • Improved plugin update system

Version 8.3

  • Ability to upload png and SVG icons for user panel menus
  • Ability to delete the plugin’s default fonts and use template font
  • Ability to display custom user fields only in the profile editing or registration section
  • Solve the problem of registration link and password recovery in the simple permalinks mode
  • Increase plugin security in Directory Indexing

Version 8.2.1

  • Solve the problem of links in the sidebar widget
  • Solve some styling problems
  • Improved field management style in the admin panel
  • Solve the translation problem in the avatar section

Version 8.2

  • A new modern theme was added to the user panel.
  • A new 3D theme has been added to the user panel.
  • Solve the redirect problem after entering the post password
  • Solve the problem of login address and profile in the widget
  • Solve the problem of sanitizing fields in saving profiles
  • Solve the problem of changing avatars on some websites

Version 8.1 – November 14, 2020

  • Fixed an HTML error in the iThemes Security plugin
  • Solve the problem of sending SMS in some SMS systems
  • The new license activation system

Version 8 – Date 7 November 2020

  • Optimize and restructure plugin code
  • Compatibility with a simple unique WordPress link

Version 7.5 – October 17, 2020

  • Improved plugin admin panel
  • Save group categories of user fields and admin menus
  • Save settings with Ajax
€49 EUR
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