Does SEO mean to spam or scams?

Many people think that SEO is spam or fraud. But Mr. Matt Cutts from Google talks in this video about whether SEO is really spam or not.

Does SEO mean spam?

In this video, Matt Cutts, an American software engineer, and Google search quality activist talks about whether SEO is really spam.

In this video, Matt Cutts explains that SEO is not spam and explains why. “SEO means optimizing your site for search engines, and the more you work on improving your site’s SEO, the higher the quality of your site,” he says. So SEO does not mean fraud.

He also explains that SEOs are not scammers. They do not sell snake oil. 🙂 Like any other job, we have good and bad people. We need to see which SEOs really have work experience and which ones tell us exactly what to do. Not to start reviewing and SEO our website without any report or explanation!

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