Microsoft Clarity, a fierce competitor to Google Analytics

مایکروسافت Clarity
Microsoft Clarity

Just a few days ago, on October 28, 2020, Microsoft unveiled its new analysis service, Microsoft Clarity. The service is known as a fierce competitor to Google Analytics. But why is Clarity better than Google Analytics? Should we replace Clarity with Google Analytics?

Microsoft Clarity

As it turns out, Microsoft’s Clarity service is a new service for checking site traffic statistics. But Google Analytics also has great capabilities for statistics from our site. With a simple look, we also decided to use this service on the Mihan wordpress site. Because it has incredible capabilities. But what are the capabilities of Clarity? Really better capabilities than Google Analytics ?! You can say yes to some extent!

Microsoft Clarity features

Well, at first glance, Clarity features are the same as Google Analytics. Considering that this service has been launched for 3 days, it naturally does not have the accuracy and features of Google Analytics. But 2 very interesting features of this service will attract our attention and yours. Features that we have already introduced to you. But it is designed by a simple website and naturally does not have very high accuracy. For example, HeatMap and view user behavior on the website.


HeatMap, or website heating map, shows a set of sections of your site pages that the user pays more attention to. As a result, these sections can be used to insert ads or CTAs.


You may ask, how does Microsoft know which part of the page the user is looking at ?! It is quite natural that Microsoft is not aware of the user’s eye movements. But it can identify the parts of your site where the mouse is placed.

Naturally, the more the user’s mouse is on a section, the more visible this section is.

The image below is an example of a HeatMap.

Screen Recordings

The most interesting feature of this service is capturing the screen of your site visitor. You can see exactly what the user is doing on your site. Of course, do not forget that the user’s privacy has not been violated. Only clicks, mouse movements, etc. are recorded. This behavior is then restored on the live pages of your site. Just as easily. 🙂

Screen Recordings
Screen Recordings

From the Recordings section of the Clarity service, you can check which part of the screen has attracted the most attention from the user and exactly how your user has behaved on your site.

This can help you to improve your website user experience.

Clarity; An alternative to Google Analytics?!

However, the Clarity service has good capabilities. But it is not yet fully mature to compete with Google Analytics. Google Analytics gives you sections such as tracking sales and advertising campaign success that are not currently available on any other service.

We suggest using Clarity alongside Google Analytics. Perform basic analytics on your site with Google Analytics and make the most of Clarity to examine the behavior of your site users.

Good luck and be happy. 🙂

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