How to find the website IP address

How to find the website IP address
How to find the website IP address

Certainly, many of you have been looking for your website IP address. For example, the payment gateway has asked you for the IP address of your website or web hosting shared IP address. But you do not know how to find find the website IP address.

To date, many users have contacted support and asked questions. For your work to be done quickly, we provide you with this training. There are several ways to find IP, which are described below. So until the end of this tutorial, stay with MihanWP so that you can easily find the IP address of your website.

Just as different systems have their own IP, your hosting also has a unique IP address, and here we are going to teach you how to get this IP, dear users. There are several ways to do this, and you can use any of them to your liking.

What is an IP address

If you own a website or you are dealing with the web, you must have heard of the IP address. But if you do not have, do not worry. Here we will explain the concept of IP address to you.

Every device that connects to the Internet has an IP address. An IP address means a protocol that actually controls Internet activity. This means that all devices operating in the Internet space are identified by IP addresses and can be distinguished from each other. Because so many devices are running on these networks at the same time, they need to be differentiated.

An IP address is a practical concept in the web world that is necessary to know and understand it for all those who work in this field. This address consists of a series of numbers that prevent errors when operating various devices. This means that you will never find two devices using the same IP address. This address is separate for each device.

In fact, just as homes and cars have unique numbers and license plates, systems in the network need to have a unique address, which is called an IP address.

Find the IP of the website through CPanel

As you know, the host stores website information that is intended to display users in its space. CPanel Host is a Linux host that uses the CPanel control panel to manage hosts. You may need to use IP hosts sometimes when working with your website.

This address is used for you in various cases. Finding this address is very simple and you can find it with just a few clicks. The first method is through CPanel.

In this method, enter your user panel (CPanel) with the address and click on the blue link, “Server Information” in the “GENERAL INFORMATION” section on the right.

In the opened window, hosting information such as server name, C-panel version, PHP version, MySQL version and IP of hosts and. Is displayed. You can see the IP in the Shared IP Address section of the page that opens for you.

View the IP of the site through CPanel
View the IP of the site through CPanel

Find the website IP address through Whois

First of all, it is better to know what is Whois? Whois is a service that allows you to view the domain name and contact information of the domain owner. This service provides you with a lot of information. This information is used in different places for you, so it is necessary to know them.

Initially, domain information was stored in Whois when the Internet was in its infancy. One of the important information that you get through this service is IP hosts. You can view your IP host in two ways using this service.

In fact, accessing the Whois information of a domain is done by two methods, which you should use according to your needs.

Display Whois information in Linux

This method is used for those who use Windows Linux. This method is very practical and popular. To do this, just type the command line Whois in the Linux terminal and just enter your domain name instead of

If you are using Windows, just look at the following methods.

View Whois information online

This method is very useful for users who do not use Linux and has been considered. In this section, go to the website and enter your domain name. You will then see the host, IP, address, phone, and email information of the domain owner.

View site IP through Whois
View site IP through Whois

View website IP with Windows CMD

If you do not find your website’s IP by any of the above methods, this is very easy to do in Windows and you can identify this address in just a few minutes. There are several ways to do this, and we suggest the easiest way.

Now it’s time to talk about how to find the IP address of your website. First, go to the CMD section in your Windows and enter the phrase ping (Do not forget that you must enter your domain address instead of Then here you will see the IP address of your website. Just as easily.

We hope you enjoy this tutorial. Be victorious and proud. 🙂

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