What is Cross-Sell and how to set up cross-selling in WooCommerce

What is Cross-Sell and how to set up cross-selling in WooCommerce

Suppose you enter a mobile phone shop. You buy a smartphone for $800. The shopkeeper is trying to sell you a screen protector for $2 along with this mobile phone. In such cases, the seller has used the Cross-Sell method. But let’s take a closer look at what is Cross-Sell and how we can sell supplements.

What is Cross-Sell

Consider the example above. Let’s assume that taking into account the cost of charging and renting a shop, the cost of buying a mobile phone from a wholesaler, the cost of maintaining a shop and paying staff salaries, the seller has a net profit of about $20 in selling a mobile phone. Now, next to the mobile phone, it sells a screen protector and a cover each for $2. That means a total of $24 of sales, which is very profitable.

If we consider the profit of cover and screen protector to be 50%, the seller has earned $2 out of this $4. So the seller has succeeded in receiving an initial profit of more than $20 from a customer.

This will increase the sales of the shop and increase the daily profit. The result is a great way to sell more products to a customer. Let’s put Cross-Sell or Supplement Sales as follows:

Cross-selling means selling complementary products of a product to the current customer.

In this case, the customer will get the complementary products he needs and the seller will receive more profit.

The difference between Upsell and Cross-Sell

In the Upsell method, we tried to convince the customer to buy a more valuable product. But in the Cross-Sell method, we have to convince the customer to buy complementary products to make better use of the current product.

What is the difference between Upsell and Cross Sell?
What is the difference between Upsell and Cross-Sell?

You can use the Upsell and Cross-Sell methods at the same time to increase your sales.

Launch Cross-Sell in WooCommerce

In online stores, you can sell supplements in much better ways. If the store needs to hire a second person to sell the cover and screen protector; This will be done on the website by your site’s automated bid system. Of course, if you have launched your online store with WooCommerce.

First, go to products > all products in the wp-admin left menu. Then, click on a product for edit. And you can set up cross-sell products in the related products section.

Good luck.

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