Ahura WordPress Theme

Power to change everything.

It is not an ordinary WordPress template. It’s the power to change all parts of your website.

A multi-purpose platform to create any website with any kind of work field and of course without the need for programming! Easy as pie!

Suitable for launching any type of website







Are you a freelancer?

If you are a freelancer, you do not need to spend a lot of time to design a customer site with Ahura template. The customer can change the website to his liking.

Web design agency?

If you own a web design company, all you need to do is get an Ahura license for each of your projects.

+20 Pre-built websites. One Click Installation

Elementor Page Builder

Ahura power is integrated with the Elementor page builder. So you can implement any design you want on your website pages without the need for a single programming line.

mihanmarket elementor

Fully Responsive

One of the most important things that help your website optimize for search engines is the optimization of the various pages of your website on your mobile and tablet.

Ahura WordPress theme is compatible with all types of mobile phones and tablets. This compatibility will increase your Google rank.

ahura responsive
product filter

WooCommerce Product Filter

If you own an online store, product filtering is very important to your website.

By filtering products, your users can find the products they want much faster. So you have a better chance of selling your products.

In the amazing sales section of your site, you can offer products to the customer on time with amazing discounts. This section will also have a countdown timer for your further sales success.

Amazing offers

In the amazing sales section of your website, you can offer products to the customer on time with amazing discounts.

This section will also have a countdown timer for your further sales success.

best offer
change colors

Fully customizable

You can choose your corporate color through millions of different colors through Ahura WordPress Theme Management Panel, arbitrarily, and completely unlimited. So you can choose any color you want for your website.

From the Ahura template settings, you can choose which header to use for your website. Most importantly, 2 of the Ahura template headers have a mini-shopping capability. That is if you sell products on your website. You can have a small shopping cart in your website header.

Install it faster than say 'Install'.

For the first time, we launched the website in 5 minutes. You will install plugins, template activation, and pre-installed demos with the Ahura WordPress template in less than 5 minutes.

wizard installer

Mega Menu Builder

With Ahura mega menu, you can display long categories of your website in a few lines.

ahura megamenu

And many other possibilities



SEO Optimized

Safe Coding

WP 5

Post Slider

News Section

Light. Speed.


Sound Player

Video Player

Best UX



Mini Cart

Live Search

Arabic Fonts


Pricing Table

Social Links

نظرات مشتریان

Version 7.1

  • New element: Information box
  • New Element: MailerLite Newsletter
  • New element: Price box 2
  • New feature: Adding WhatsApp to social media widget 2
  • New feature: Custom columns for different pages
  • New feature: Direct link to the login button in the header
  • Added translation for footer text
  • Added Dana fonts to the custom fonts section
  • Added a registration link in the pop-up login form
  • Ability to disable the go up button
  • Delete the default background image in the footer
  • Troubleshooting: Latest Articles Widget
  • Solve header problem in transparent mode
  • Solve the shadow problem in the product slider
  • Solve the shopping cart display problem
  • Solve the problem of not having a specific size of width and height in the image in the service element
  • Solve the price problem in WooCommerce widgets
  • Solve the problem of font interference with the Jet Menu plugin
  • Resolve widgets page warnings
  • Solve the problem of not being able to change the title font in the footer widget
  • Solve the problem of font family loading

Version 7.0

  • New demo: Restaurant
  • Solve the problem of displaying the summary in slider 3
  • Fixed the problem of the written element
  • Ability to remove the search from the header
  • Add alignment to the typewriter element
  • Ability to specify colors for headers
  • Ability to remove header shadows
  • Solve the problem of the archive element
  • Ability to add preload to pages
  • Improved search form display
  • Eliminate the delay in making the logo smaller when scrolling
  • Improved comment form error messages
  • Solve the problem of warning error in text pages
  • Ability to delete the index image from a specific post
  • Remove the interior of a one-column post-typing element
  • Solve the problem of not showing menu icons in the header

Version 6.2

  • Improved mobile display
  • Solve the problem of cluttering shop pages when increasing the length of product titles
  • New feature: change the titles and headings font size
  • New feature: change the color of the comment button text

Version 6.1

  • Improved author style box
  • Ability to display content in the middle without a sidebar
  • Improved Contact Widgets
  • New element: two-color text
  • Improved icon box style
  • Solve the warning problem in the magic installer
  • New element: similar to Mihan WordPress TV
  • New element: similar to Mihan WordPress Radio
  • Align product sliders
  • New element: similar to the suggested plugins section of Mihan WordPress
  • Ability to remove border-top in the footer
  • Ability to change the number of footer columns from 1 to 4 columns
  • Ability to display the title of the product slider element on the left or right
  • Ability to move the trust and copyright in the footer
  • Ability to hide the CTA button in the header
  • Solve the icon font problem on pages that use elementor
  • Solve the problem of delay in hiding megamenu submenus

Version 6.0.1

  • Solve Elementor load problem in PHP 8

Version 5.8.5

  • Solve the problem of displaying the Elementor elements on some websites
  • SEO Improvement: Add alt tag to category icons

Version 5.8.4

  • New LTR demo
  • Improved box icon style
  • Improved the style of the LTR version
  • Ability to delete different font weights in settings
  • Solve the problem of displaying icons in some parts
  • Remove Persian fonts in the English version
  • Solve the problem of displaying product rating star icons in WooCommerce

Version 5.8.3

  • PHP 8 Compatibility
  • Solve the problem of updating and installing demos on some web hosts

Version 5.8.2

  • Solve the problem of displaying icons on some pages

Version 5.8.1

  • Ability to center the featured image in the single post
  • Solve the problem of displaying icons in the post grid 2 element
  • Solve the problem of clicking on the icon box element

Version 5.8

  • Improved product update system
  • Improved full-screen search form style

Version 5.6.1

  • Ability to display or hide the shopping cart in header 2
  • Fixed shopping cart problem in some headers
  • Improving the style of the product categorization element 4
  • Display breadcrumbs in the style of Mihan WordPress website
  • Ability to select the type of breadcrumbs from the template settings

Version 5.6

  • New element: modern style products
  • New element: display posts grid
  • Improved display of product and post categories widget

Version 5.5

  • New page builder element: TypeWriter
  • Solve the problem of displaying the number of products in the WooCommerce cart
  • Solve the problem of illegibility of the update button text in the WooCommerce cart
  • Improved display in dark mode
  • Ability to adjust the display or hidden the related products in the template settings

version 5.4

  • Ability to remove the button from the banner box element 1
  • Add button to close menu in mobile mode
  • Solve widget problems in dark mode
  • Ability to remove shopping cart from headers
  • Solve dark style problems
  • Solve the Responsive Element of the Banner Box Element 1

version 5.1

  • New Content Widget (Display Content by Category, Date, Random, Number of Comments)
  • Solve the problem of displaying a mini shopping cart on mobile
  • Solve the problem of displaying pop-up logins on mobile

version 5.0

  • Added new header to template
  • Pop-up login button in the header
  • New social networking widgets
  • The default style for index page content image
  • New font for template settings posts

Updated to version 4.4 on October 19, 2016

  • Improving the licensing system
  • Improve the license activation and renewal process

Updated to version 4.1.1 on August 17, 2016

  • Troubleshooting: Reduce content distance from the top when scrolling the page

Update to version 4.1 on August 5, 2016

  • Improving the licensing system
  • Solve the problem of post page index image in the 3-column mode
  • Improve SEO Headings
  • Solve the problem of translating all product buttons
  • Solve the problem of box size on the archive page
  • Solve the white space problem below the header

Update to version 4 on 12 August 2016

  • Added 16 new demos to the template
  • Solve the problem of installing demos
  • Improvements in the megamenu storage system
  • Improvements in the demo installation system

Update to version 3 on 6 August 2016

  • Added a magic installer to the template
  • Start the magic installer immediately after activating the template
  • Automatically install the required plugins before installing the demo
  • Improvements in the demo installation system along with displaying the percentage of progress
  • Ability to build a child with the installation of the template

Updated to version 2.3.1 on July 25, 2016

  • Solve the problem of loading WooCommerce pages

Updated to version 2.3 on 18 June 2016

  • Improve the structure of the image box element
  • Ability to change the background color of the image box element
  • Improved display of user path on the site
  • New feature: show or not show the user path on the site
  • New feature: change the color of the shopping cart button in header number 1
  • Troubleshooting: Error saving menus in the customization section
  • Troubleshooting: Display error when WooCommerce is disabled
  • Troubleshooting: Interference with Mentor Pro
  • Improvements in the technical structure of the mold
  • Improved social media display widget in the sidebar

Updated to version 2.2.1 on May 30, 2016

  • New demo: construction (suitable for engineering and construction sites)
  • Improvements: Add a default title for social media widgets
  • Troubleshooting: Translation in the header selection box on tabs

Updated to version 2.2 on May 27, 2016

  • New feature: Select clear header or fixed header for pages separately
  • New feature: Select custom header between 3 template headers for pages separately
  • Improved: Position of logo and menu icon in mobile mode
  • Improved: The order of displaying sidebar and content on mobile has been improved
  • Troubleshooting: Display countdown counter in mobile mode
  • Troubleshooting: Category link for blog element box
  • Solve the problem of text position and post-index image on mobile

Update to version 2.1 on April 15, 2016

  • New feature: justify option for texts in mentor
  • Improvements: Color buttons and product page links in hover mode
  • Improvements: Author Responsive Information Box
  • Improvements: Template header style
  • Improvements: Responsive comments section
  • Troubleshooting: Button font in search element
  • Troubleshooting: Image clutter in the latest posts widget
  • Troubleshoot: Stick the menu at the top of the header in scroll mode

Update to version 2 on April 6, 2016

  • New demo: Corporate (Apple site style)
  • Improvement: Folding captions of images in post pages
  • Improvement: Do not display the website link in the author box if the author does not enter the site address
  • Improvement: Position the back button at the top
  • New feature: Remove the inner space of the icon box
  • Troubleshooting: Do not change the color of the top bar of the website footer
  • Solve the problem of the position of the index image
  • Solve the search widget problem
  • Solve the problem of copyright footer text position
  • Solve translation problems in Mentor page builder

Update to version 1.1 on March 19, 2017

  • Style improvements on iOS phones
  • Solve the search field element problem
  • Solve the problem of responsive button header on mobile
  • New feature: change square element to circle
  • Solve the problem of the responsive element of service number 3
  • Reduce border-radius in the notification element
  • New feature: select background-size and repeat background in footer
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